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Aviation Safety Myths

For most modern-day men and women, catching a flight is nothing special. Airplanes are just one of the many things which connect our far-flung societies into one large community. But after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, many people suddenly had reason to be apprehensive about taking to the skies. Before you fly, read up on these commonly cited aviation safety myths.

Myth #1 – Airplane seatbelts are just for show; if a plane crashes, everyone will die anyway.

Morbid and completely untrue. While some airplane crashes do lead to a large number of fatalities, others cause only minor injuries to passengers. Saying that all airplane crashes are fatal is like saying that all car crashes are fatal. What often matters most in an airplane crash is how calmly you, your fellow passengers, and the flight crew react to the situation.

Myth #2 – The front / back / wing seats on a plane are the safest.

It’s really hard to prove anything like this, simply because aviation incidents can happen in so many ways. Although the location of your seat may help you in one particular crash situation, it may be a bad place to be in others. Overall, there isn’t really a “safest” seat on the plane.

Myth #3 – Large airlines don’t care about passenger safety, so flying a smaller airline is safer.

Whether a large airline company does or does not truly care about passenger safety is a pointless debate. However, what we do know is that major carriers are much more heavily regulated and scrutinized by everything from consumer advocacy groups to government agencies like the FAA. International airlines are also held accountable by the governments of countries to which they fly. In short, there’s no evidence to support the idea that a large airline is any less safe than a smaller one; in fact, a large airline may actually be safer.

In aviation, as in most other forms of transportation, accidents can and do happen. If you have been injured in an aviation-related accident, call a Wausau aviation injury lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 715-387-4242 today.

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