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Defamation Law Arguments

When someone starts spreading lies and false rumors about you, it can tarnish your reputation and personal standard. Under the law, this is classified as a personal injury case. However, unlike many personal injury cases, defamation cases do not usually involve physical injury. This not only makes these cases hard to prove, but also hard to access the damage. These cases are ruled on definitions of law and so need careful study and professional representation.

If you are involved in a defamation case, it is important to understand the argument used in both sides.

For example, if you are trying to prove that someone is defaming you there are several burdens of proof. The statements against you must be false, that the statement was published without permission, was spoken or written in negligence allowing the public access to it, and that there was actually damage caused by the defamation.

If you are being charged with defamation against someone else, the defense case has less to prove or defend against. First the person must defend what they said or wrote as the truth. Sometimes they will argue that they were merely stating an opinion, and not slandering their reputation. They could also argue that they misspoke, or make an innocent mistake.

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