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Eyelash Dye

Many young girls are permanently dying their lashes. While this may be trendy, there are serious questions regarding the safety of the practice. Many of the dyes and tints have caused eye injuries including blindness. The FDA has not approved any product as safe for dyeing or tinting eyebrows and eyelashes.

The FDA warns consumers against using eyelash dye products. The dye can cause an allergic reaction leading to swelling and inflammation. Another side effect is infection in or around the eye.

Permanent dyes are very different than temporary colorings. On the boxes of permanent dyes made for hair on the scalp, the labels explicitly say permanent colors should not be placed near the eye. However, the FDA is concerned that young girls that have access to these dyes for the scalp will attempt to use them on other areas of the body. The dyes being used are made oversees and thus do not go through the strict regulations of the United States.

There are many ways to achieve a beautiful look besides using risky dyes. Your sight and skin are not worth losing for colored eyelashes. If you would like to color your eyelashes, use mascara. Mascara is safe to use and inexpensive. With multiple colors and brands available, you can choose your favorite kind. It is also offered in waterproof.

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