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The Hazards of Furnaces

With winter and cold weather fast approaching, it is very important to have furnaces inspected by professionals prior to really using them. Furnaces can decay a lot over the course of a year and have significant health risks if they are not working properly.

One of the biggest risks of an improperly working furnace is fire. Furnaces typically heat a house by burning something, like natural gas or oil, and running the heated air through the house. The heated air then keeps the occupants warm. Unfortunately, sometimes the furnace doesn’t work correctly. When this happens, it is not difficult for a fire to break out. The furnace also provides the fire with an ample fuel supply and once it is started, it grows quickly.

Another huge hazard of a furnace is carbon monoxide poisoning (CO). Carbon monoxide is released when things are burned. If the venting system is not maintained properly, the carbon monoxide could be vented through the house and seriously harm the people within. This gas is extremely dangerous as it is both odorless and colorless. The CPSC estimates that 100 people are killed annually from carbon monoxide poisoning linked to their furnace each year.

To combat these two main hazards, it is important to have a certified inspector come out to inspect the furnace and central heating system, as well as make any necessary repairs to the system. In addition to the furnace itself, including all of its electrical and mechanical components, an inspector needs to check over the venting system, safety valves, thermostats, and anything else tied to the home’s heating system.

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