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Pool Drain Hazards

With the summer months here and warmer temperatures just around the corner, people are visiting pools more and more frequently. Many people think of the dangers of pools extend only to the water, diving boards, and pool decks. Unfortunately, this is not true as pool drains can also be a source of injury or even death.

Between January of 1990 and August of 2004, there were 74 cases of body entrapment due to a pool drains. Of the 74 people trapped, 13 died. These deaths were all a result of drowning after the body or a limb was caught against the pool drain by the circulation pump. While many want to think that pool accidents cannot happen in their backyard, this accident occurred in both residential and public settings. This risk can become real when there’s a drain in the pool that can be completely covered by a person and has a pump that allows for suction even when the drain is covered.

Hair entrapment is another problem of pool drains. In the same period as above, there were 43 incidents of hair entanglement or entrapment in pools, spas, and hot tubs. 12 drowning deaths were a result of these 43 incidents. This type of accident poses a risk to individuals with long, fine hair.

The final type of injury from pool drains is evisceration or disembowelment. There have been 2 cases reported of this accident between January of 1990 and August of 2004. The injuries from these accidents are irreversible and have a devastating effect on the victim’s future health and development.

If you have been injured by a pool drain or any other part of a pool, contact the pool injury lawyers in Wausau of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 1-800-248-0171 to discuss your case and to determine your legal options.

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