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Poorly Set Bones

Broken bones are a fairly common part of children’s upbringing. Climbing trees, playgrounds, and all sorts of other situations that can arise contribute to the number of broken bones and casts present in elementary schools. Broken bones can range from the minor to the severe, but they always have to be set and must be repaired by a physician.

There are two main categories of broken bones: simple and compound. A simple fracture occurs when the bone is broken but stays within the protective casing of the skin. Compound fractures, on the other hand, pierce the skin and leave an open wound. Depending on the severity of the injury, different forms of treatment will be used.

Unfortunately, it is possible in any break for the bones to be set poorly. When the pieces of a bone are not set together properly, complications can arise. In a best case scenario, the bones will just take longer to heal but will still heal properly. In more complicated situations, problems can arise.

If the bones are not set properly, they may not be lined up straight. If they are not straight, it might be possible for them to fuse together in a crooked way, giving a person a limp or other limb problems. This is not quite so much of a problem in fingers and toes that are broken but can be a severe impediment for legs and arms.

Another problem with poorly set bones is that they may form a bump where they have grown together at an odd angle. This is different from being crooked or off-center because the bone will merely have a thicker spot than other bones may have.

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