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Back Injuries

A person’s back is a complex structure. While many think it is made up of only the spinal cord and column, it is actually comprised of an intricate structure of bones, muscles, and other tissues that extend from the neck to the pelvis. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to injure a back.

Back injuries can be the result of playing sports, working around the house or yard, or even a sudden jolt. A common sudden jolt that results in a back injury is a car accident. It should also be noted that amusement park rides are equally capable of injuring a person’s back.

The lower back is the most common site of back injuries. These injuries can include sprains, strains, herniated disks, and even fractured vertebrae. The most severe form of a back injury is paralysis due to the spinal cord being snapped somehow.

Back injuries are capable of causing great pain and limiting a person’s movement. In addition, they typically take a long time to heal completely. Some injuries cause a person’s back never to be quite the same. Many people are chronic sufferers from a “bad back.”

When a person’s back has been injured, the treatment will vary depending on the injury. Common treatments for less severe injuries include icing the back in the area where it hurts. In addition, simple painkillers are frequently enough to fend off the pain and allow the person to function. Unfortunately, some back injuries require stronger medications, bed rest, physical therapy, or even surgery.

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