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What is Police Brutality?

Under the fourth and fourteenth amendments of the constitutions we as citizens of the United States are guaranteed against unreasonable searches of our persons as well as due process under the law. Both of these amendments help to prevent law enforcement officers, like Policemen from using undue force or intimidation against us.

Police brutality is not just physical violence, but can include intimidation, racial profiling, sexual abuse, false arrest, and even illegal surveillance. Unfortunately our country has a long history of police brutality, which is why it is important to understand what it is and understand when the police are taking advantage of you. It is estimated by the U.S. department of Justice that over half a million people are year are faced with some form of police brutality and those are just the incidences that are reported.

When police brutality is reported it is usually left up to the government structure in charge of that police officer to take control of the investigation and do it internally. This can cause corruption and have little justice put upon the guilty officers. The district attorney or police commissioner is usually in charge of the investigation, which means that already have had close contact with the officers in question.

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