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Wiring in the Home and Electrical Jolts

Most people have experienced the sensation of a small electrical shock at some point in their lives. The scenario typically involves an unsuspecting individual quickly switching on a light switch or screwing in a new light bulb when all of a sudden they feel a startling and very unpleasant little jolt of electricity go up through their finger and into their arm.

While this shocking sensation is unquestionably unpleasant, it in no way compares to the electrical shock that can result from faulty wiring in a home or business.

The Dangerous Results of Bad Wiring

All too often contractors and electricians are far too eager to finish the electrical wiring on a project and leave wires exposed or poorly connected to outlets. This shoddy workmanship can result in sparking when appliances are plugged into or removed from electricity outlets. This sparking can cause nearby objects or the appliances themselves to catch fire. The result can be the loss of the entire home or, in the worst case scenario, injury to or the death of occupants in the home.

In addition to being a fire hazard, bad electrical wiring can cause intense shock in an individual trying to plug in or unplug an appliance. In some cases the shock is so severe that intense medical treatment is required.

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