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Speed is a Large Factor in the Severity of Accidents

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 1:36 am    

When driving,  please follow all the posted speed limits and traffic signs.  The speed at which a vehicle is driving is a large factor in how severe an accident will be. It is simple physics, the faster you are travelling, the larger the force of the impact will be.

Some individuals will drive on the road, 20 or 30 miles over the speed limit.  Not only is this highly dangerous,  but this increases the severity of legal punishment.  A speeding ticket becomes very serious if an individual is driving over 20 miles the posted limit.  

If you are in a car with a reckless driver,  speak up and speak out against such driving.  The driver is not only putting their lives at risk , but yours as well.  Many people believe that they have control at all times.  If this were true,  there would be no accidents.  

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