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Sleepy Drivers Should Pull Over

Posted on Friday, June 19th, 2009 at 6:50 am    

When operating a vehicle, it is important that you be fully awake in order to navigate the roads safely.

If you are driving and you feel that you are getting tired, there are several recommended events that you should do. To begin,  if it is possible, pull over for the night and sleep it off at a hotel.  If this option is not available, pulling over into a gas station and getting a drink that contains a lot of caffeine is recommended.  This could help you stay awake.  Another suggestion would be to call a friend or family member if they are up. Although talking on the phone and driving is not generally considered safe,  it could help keep your attention long enough until you reach the final destination of the drive.

If you are too tired however and feel that you are about to pass out from exhaustion and lack of sleep,  then pull over immediately and stop driving.  

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