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Grave medical error to result in malpractice suit

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012 at 1:51 pm    

A woman still does not possess a birth certificate for her premature daughter, who is in critical condition, but she does have a death certificate for the newborn, after a medical error took place in an Argentinian hospital.

The woman went into labor on April 3, and, shortly after giving birth, was told that her baby did not survive. She was overwhelmed with sadness when a death certificate was presented to her, just 20 minutes after delivering the supposed stillborn baby. Doctors placed the girl’s fragile body in a casket and took her to the morgue.

The newborn was inside the morgue for 12 hours before her parents were able to visit her to tell her goodbye. When her casket was reopened, the child’s mother thought she was going crazy when she saw her stillborn daughter breathing and making faint noises. A morgue worker confirmed that the child was indeed alive, and the baby was whisked back to the hospital in hopes of recovery.

An investigation into this case has been started, and until answers are discovered, five different medical professionals have been placed on suspension.

Medical malpractice lawsuit results in large verdict

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 at 10:37 pm    

The recent verdict in a medical malpractice lawsuit is said to be the largest in Jacksonville, Florida’s history.

A young man wanted to be able to live longer in order to watch his children grow up, and chose weight-loss surgery as his option for losing his excess weight fast. He had the surgery in March 2007 and afterwards began experiencing severe side effects. The doctors at his hospital reported different problems during the surgery that elevated the complications afterwards.

Several conditions stemmed from the difficult surgery, including sores and brain damage. The brain damage continued to get worse while the doctors acted negligently, and now the damage cannot be treated. The man is confined to a wheelchair and finds it hard to complete a sentence.

The jury determined that the hospital in question was largely responsible for the development of these harsh complications. The man and his family are set to receive $177 million.