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Wausau Personal Injury Lawyers

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  • Washington Medical Malpractice Lawyers - The Washington medical malpractice lawyers of Fuller & Fuller have been helping victims of medical malpractice in the Washington area for over 35 years.
  • Houston Employment Lawyers - The Houston employment lawyers of The Ross Law Group represent the rights of workers who've been wrongfully terminated, harassed, discriminated against, or faced generally unfair working conditions.
  • Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Pittsburgh, PA Car Accident Attorneys
  • Pittsburgh, PA Car Accident Attorneys
  • Providence, RI Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Petersburg Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers
  • East Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Pierce County, WA Injury Lawyer
  • Washington Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Omaha Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Birmingham Accident Lawyers
  • Florida Construction Defect Attorneys
  • Chicago IL Construction Lawyers
  • Stuart FL Accident Attorneys
  • Fayette County Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Maryland Car Accident Lawyer
  • Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Maryland Drug Recall Lawyer
  • Lapeer, MI OWI Lawyer
  • Jackson County, MO Accident Attorney
  • New York Insolvency Attorney
  • Greensboro, NC Immigration Attorneys
  • Bronx Car Accident Lawyer
  • Newport, RI Wrongful Death Lawyer
  • Richmond, VA Defective Product Lawyers
  • San Antonio Injury Lawyer
  • Charleston, SC Workers Compensation Lawyer
  • Morristown, TN Malpractice Attorney
  • Tacoma Injury Lawyer
  • Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer
  • Travis County Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Lincoln Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Rhode Island Expungement Lawyer - Rhode Island Expungement lawyer, James Powderly, has the experience and knowledge to help you have your arrest and criminal history expunged.
  • Tampa Automobile Accident Lawyer - The attorneys of Beltz & Ruth practice personal injury law in numerous offices around the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Des Moines Automobile Accident Lawyer - The Des Moines personal injury lawyers of LaMarca & Landry are experience attorneys with years of experience in the personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Contact us today at 866-605-410.
  • Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers - The Harmon Law Office, LLC provides legal assistance for clients considering chapter 7, chapter 11, or chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona.
  • Maryland Mortgage Modification Lawyers - The Mortgage modification lawyers at Chaifetz & Coyle are here to help you stop foreclosure and keep your home.
  • Chicago Auto Insurance - For over 20 years, Insure on the Spot has been helping drivers find low-cost insurance in the Chicago ares.
  • Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers - The experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Palmer & Associates, P.C. have experience with a wide variety of injury-related cases, from car accidents to wrongful death.
  • Your Iowa Lawyers - Your Iowa lawyers of LaMarca & Landry, P.C., handle your Iowa personal injury cases, business litigations, and workers' compensation lawsuits with many years of experience and success.
  • Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers - Your Iowa personal injury lawyers of LaMarca & Landry, P.C., have many years of experience handling personal injury cases in the state of Iowa.
  • Las Vegas DUI Lawyers - The Las Vegas DUI defense lawyers at William Palmer & Associates, P.C. will protect your rights if you have been charged with a DUI in Las Vegas.
  • Orlando Divorce Lawyer - The Schlegel Law Group, Orlando divorce lawyers, are committed to providing efficient and helpful legal assistance for all of your divorce and family law needs.
  • Florida Trucking Injury Lawyer - West Palm Beach and Tallahassee, Florida based Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA is a full-service law firm. The firm's lawyers and professional staff draw upon more than 30 years experience and are renowned for handling legal cases related to truck accidents.
  • Immigration Lawyer Miami - At Pozo Goldstein, LLP, the experienced and renowned lawyers and attorneys representing clients in all aspects of immigration related cases in Miami and throughout Florida.
  • Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers - Atlanta personal injury lawyers, Webb, Lindsey, Wade, Taylor, & Thompson, LLC, can help you receive compensation if you've been the victim of a car accident, medical malpractice, defective product, or other accident caused by negligence.
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Wisconsin Injury Attorney Results
  • 99 million awarded by jury to widows of ironworkers killed in crane crash at Miller Park.
  • 12.5 million to a young man injured due to a defective roof in his car.
  • 12 million to a woman who suffered brain damage due to overprescription of pain medication.
  • 12 million to a man whose Ford rolled over in an accident.
  • 9.6 million awarded for medical malpractice causing birth injury.
  • 8.4 million awarded to a woman by a jury for surgical malpractice.

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